Lesson Options

Piano Basics: 30 minute lessons

All beginner students will start with these lessons. Please consult me if you are unsure when you should move to the Comprehensive Musicianship classes.

Piano Basics introduces students to the fundamental skills of playing the piano, the language of music, and proper playing technique. Games and colourful teaching aids are used to engage students and some supplementary music is included to further inspire them.

Piano Basics covers:

  • Fundamental Technique
  • Sight Reading
  • Basic Theory
  • Basic study of music structure

Comprehensive Musicianship: 45 minute lessons

As students progress we will want to include more concepts and activities in each lesson.

Students are encouraged to increase their technical abilities, learn performance skills and additional musical skills including:

  • Peformance level technique
  • Sight Reading
  • Ear Training
  • Advanced rhythm patterns
  • Repertoire covering a wide range of musical genres
  • Collaborative duet work
  • Transposition & Chording
  • Accompaniment skills
  • Music history
  • Applied Theory
  • Peformance preparation
  • Memorization skills

Comprehensive Musicianship  +  Theory: 60 minute lessons

For students who wish to include a more formal & involved approach to theory. This class will give us the time to devote to a more in depth study of the why and how behind the music.

Students have the opportunity to receive high school credits when they complete the Grade 7 exam requirements. This includes taking a theory exam and will require extra lesson time to prepare for this.

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