Music Pups (infant-3 yrs)


New class starts October 2017

For more information and to register contact me.


Music Pups® is a fun-filled class for babies and toddlers. In the weekly classes parents get to sing, dance and play with their child developing a special bond and learning how to nurture that bond outside of the classroom.   At this young age, children are free to explore music through vocalization, instruments and other props such as scarves. In-tune singing, keeping a beat and imitating rhythm patterns are all skills  that children develop while attending Music Pups® classes.

Young children learn by watching, listening, decoding what happens around them and then experimenting on their own through play. Studies have shown that the brain is receptive to all sounds during the first 6 months of life. The best time to learn a new language is between birth and 9 years of age.

Music Pups® was started by Rob Sayer of The Music Class® to provide little ones with an environment to learn and experience many different styles of music. Children learn to sing in tune and keep a steady beat, parents and caregivers learn how to incorporate music into everyday life, and everyone gets to have fun and move to the music! The class is specifically design for babies, children up to age 3, and their siblings.

Children are exposed to many different genres of music. Exposure to these various genres increases the child’s ability to reproduce various rhythms and tonal patterns later in life. Genres include classical, jazz, rock, folk and world music.


Watch a sample of a Music Pups class run by a teacher in Michigan.


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