Every year Music for Young Children holds its International Composition Festival.  This year approximately 11,000 MYC students took part in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam.  Twelve reviewers spend the week playing each and every piece.

“There is such a variety in the creativity that children display with these personal works!  In some, they have not quite got the whole picture yet, but they are learning to write the language of music.  Some show that they understand the “composing tricks” that have been used for hundreds of years that we teach them in MYC and that they can use them for a satisfying and complete composition.  Then there are the ones that are memorable because they are using the composing tricks also, but somehow it all just works to come out with a really great sounding piece.”  Peggy Harrison, MYC teacher and former MYC Coordinator.

Every MYC student learns how to compose and each student has to opportunity to enter the Composition Festival.

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