About Andrea

I am a Music for Young Children graduate. I started my piano lessons when I was five years old and now have the privilege of teaching this awesome program.

Each student is unique

Everyone has their own interests and learning styles. My goal is to provide each student with a secure understanding of music, combined with good classical technique, while keeping lessons fun and relevant to the student and their aspirations.

I enjoy helping my students discover the joy of playing the piano. Learning to play an instrument provides students with a sense of accomplishment. Music lessons also improve a student’s self-discipline, dexterity, coordination, self-esteem, thinking skills, creative abilities, and personal expression.



Andrea de Boer has completed Grade 10 Piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music. She studied Harmony, Counterpoint and Analysis with Dr. Maya Badian, Pipe Organ with Robert Jones, and History, Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy with Dr. Marie-Hélène Crawford and is currently studying piano with Paulette Price. She began her teaching career in 2007 and now offers lessons at 3 locations for over 40 students. Ms. de Boer has been the organist at Central Lanark Pastoral Charge since 2003 and the accompanist for the Arnprior Community Choir since 2009.


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